Message from the Mayor:

Friends and neighbours,
                                                                                                                  We are embarking on exciting times for our community!  After many interviews, an online survey, and several community workshops, we now have an Economic Development Plan – a Blueprint for Port McNeill.
                                                                                                                    Not only does this plan outline our needs and wants for the future of our town, but it also frames the priorities and the potential for partnering and collaboration that will help our community to grow and thrive.

I invite you to read and absorb the information enclosed.  As with all plans – its success will depend on us taking the plan and breathing life into it.

It will require time, effort, and a good deal of hard work to realize much of what is included here.  But I know we are up to the task!  Our pioneering spirit helped to create the town we all know and love.  This plan is being launched as a new Council comes in with a fresh, four-year mandate. Council will encourage and help support the steps needed to create our future – together.

Let’s get going!
- Shirley Ackland

  • Port McNeill Strategic Economic Development Plan.

  • Port McNeill Economic Development Plan Survey Results.