You can make a difference.  Become a part of one of the following organizations to help better the Town of Port McNeill.


Port McNeill Volunteer Fire Department

    There is a lot to learn about the Firefighter's Creed and the respect             you will gain by being a                    community volunteer.

  You have the opportunity to give your today for someone else's tomorrow; help save lives, save        property, and most of all, protect each other!  Become a member of the Volunteer Fire Department today!

To join the Fire Department you can email them by clicking on "join the team" below, ask at the Town Office, or click here to print an application.

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             Advisory Planning                       Commission Members                           Derek Koel.

    Airport Committee Members           Doug Brown, Carl Nissen,               Dave Ripka,  Al Sweet,                              & Bill Velie.

    Board of Variance Members             Doug Anweiler, Bill Velie,            & Doug Vitick        

           Harbour Advisory                       Committee Members               Ann Marie Baron, James Furney,    Bruce Jackman, & Ryan Mitchell. 

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