You can make a difference.  Become a part of one of the following organizations to help better the Town of Port McNeill.


Port McNeill Volunteer Fire Department

    There is a lot to learn about the Firefighter's Creed and the respect             you will gain by being a                    community volunteer.

  You have the opportunity to give your today for someone else's tomorrow; help save lives, save        property, and most of all, protect each other!  Become a member of the Volunteer Fire Department today!

To join the Fire Department please email or call 250-956-4513. 

Click here to see the list of current Fire Department members.




             Advisory Planning                       Commission Members                           Derek Koel

    Airport Committee Members           Doug Brown, Carl Nissen,               Dave Ripka,  Al Sweet,                              & Bill Velie

    Board of Variance Members             Doug Anweiler, Bill Velie,            & Doug Vitick        


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